Monday, September 26, 2005

My "Local"

At my door step is Charring Cross shopping centre, a lovely little place with all the immediate necessities. A place to buy milk and bread, a take away coffee, a pie from the bakery, daily newspaper.

The best pub in the eastern suburbs - I share this opinion with many locals who frequent "The Robin Hood Hotel".

The Robin Hood Hotel is on the corner of Bronte Road and Carrington Road. Not to be mistaken for the Charring Cross Hotel on the corner of Carrington Road and Victoria, although a fair pub, it's slightly more sport oriented.

When stopped at the traffic lights any passer by will observe the following 2 signs:

Robin Hood Hotel

$5 Steak

Charring Cross Hotel

$10 Steak

Hmmmm.... Hard one to pick which to attend!

A girlfriend and I decided to wander up to our local for a $5 steak, with mash potatoes and creamy mushroom sauce (the sauce if 50 cents extra - how CUTE!) There is no need for a mathematical equation to work out the cheap meals like many of the other Sydney pubs. $5 meals every night for dinner and lunch Friday to Sunday.

We watched the Rubgy League finals game Tigers v Dragons on the BIG screen at our table. Every time we have been up there we get the same table, except on another big sporting occasion.

The Hood is relaxing, anyone can easily feel at home there. Comfortable chairs, friendly bar staff, the great $5 steak, the locals!

Trivia night on Tuesday night is on my to do list.


Blogger Julia said...

Love the local! We have tasted almost all of them and the Robin Hood wins hands down!

PS are we going this week? ;-)

11:45 am  
Blogger Natalie said...

It's been 2 weeks - need to go back shortly...

10:07 am  

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